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Lion Dennis VanAsch DG
Milbank, SD
(605) 467-0865
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We are located on the eastern side of South Dakota; part of the MD5 District. We currently have 49 Lions, 2 Liones Clubs, as well as 1420 members in the District.
   Our District Governor for the Lions Year  2014-2015 is Lion Dennis Van Asch

One of the story lines in the beloved movie classic “The Wizard of Oz” centers around a character referred to as the “Cowardly Lion”.  In the end he discovers it isn’t courage he is lacking, it is conviction.  A roar without conviction is just a loud noise.  As Lions we need to roar.  We need to tell the whole world who we are and that we will never stop trying because we have a service to perform and we are going to provide it no matter what the challenges are.  Lions Club International was born of courage and has succeeded due to our conviction to the principle that it is better to serve others than to serve ourselves.  If we stay focused, that same courage and conviction will carry us into the future.
                The South Dakota Lions Foundation has been helping citizens with vision and hearing services since 1964.  Lions members bring financial assistance and screening services to their communities through programs and services provided by the Foundation.
                Some of the vital programs the SDLF provides is having screened over 2,000+ children for the “Kids See Pre-School Vision Screening”.  Through the help of the Lions clubs all over the State,  the SDLF collects 30-40,000 eyeglasses per year.   The SDLF also collects hearing aids and has them refurbished and distributes them to people who cannot afford to purchase them.  By using refurbished hearing aids it can save the SDLF about $400.00 per pair.  The Foundation also assists with cataract surgery for those in need as well as providing information and referrals for those services.   In order for the SDLF to provide these services each year and to avoid using their endowment funds, Lions Clubs and individuals must contribute around $100,000.00 per year.
                White Cane month (October) came to a close and I want to thank the clubs that participated in this program.  It is a relatively easy way to raise funds for the SDLF and your individual club projects.
                The Peace Poster Contest is also coming to a close.  The clubs participating must get their entries to PDG Katherine French IMMEDIATELY so they can be judged and sent to me by November 18th.
                Lion Tom Marquart is moving right along with Lions Alert.  He has worked with Watertown Vo-Tech who have agreed to help design and build a 22’ long trailer.  This trailer will have a light bank that can be raised, a built in cooler for water and food, and a generator to operate the trailer,  as well has having a secure area for ham radio operations.  Lion Tom is asking each club to appoint an Alert Chair as well as asking each club to donate $125.00 to the project.  He is also going to apply for a grant from LCI.
                We need nominations for 2nd Vice District Governor.  I know we have many qualified Lions for this job so please step forward and send in your resume and club endorsement to me by December 15th.  We are also in need of nominations for the South Dakota Lions Foundation Board of Directors as well as for the South Dakota Lions Eye & Tissue Bank Board.  We need these nominations 30 days before the State Convention which is January 23 and 24, 2015 in Rapid City.  A resume and club endorsement from your club is also needed for the Eye Bank position.
                Just remember—Lions roar with a conviction.  ASK ONE.  ASK TWO.  ASK THREE.
DG Dennis Van Asch