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Lion Dennis VanAsch DG
Milbank, SD
(605) 467-0865
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We are located on the eastern side of South Dakota; part of the MD5 District. We currently have 49 Lions, 2 Liones Clubs, as well as 1420 members in the District.
   Our District Governor for the Lions Year  2014-2015 is Lion Dennis Van Asch

We are over halfway through our Lions year and I want to thank the Lions of 5SE for strengthening the pride and embracing the Ask 1 program. We are at a small positive growth in 5SE so far this Lions year, so let’s keep the momentum going and Ask 1, Ask 2, Ask 3.
We have about 75 new members added but a disturbing number of 72 members dropped. This is happening all over in Lions so LCI is launching a new program called “Keep 1”. This is a simple concept to drive home the importance of keeping each and every one of our members actively involved.
It is important to welcome our members, value them, train them, encourage them and mentor them. To reach our full potential, we have to give more effort in keeping our members. Thriving Lions clubs have happy members. When members are happy, they serve at a higher capacity and remain a part of your Lions club.
Therefore, encourage members in your club to participate in club activities so they feel satisfied. Also keep on Ask1 and start working on Keep 1.
I want to thank DG Julaine from 5SW and her Rapid City clubs for putting on a great State Lions Convention. Although I was unable to attend, all reports I have heard were very positive.
As most of you heard, I was in the Heart Hospital in Sioux Falls in the days leading up to the convention. I am now back at it and scheduling club visitations for the remainder of my year as your District Governor. I want to thank PCC Tom Grimmond for stepping up and filling in for me at the State Convention.
Congratulations to PDG Wanda Mitchell for being inducted into the South Dakota Lions Hall of Fame. Although most of her service to Lions was I 5SW, she has recently moved to 5SE in Sioux Falls. Welcome PDG Wanda.
Don’t forget the Club Traveling Contest and fill out your 5SE Club Visitation form for any traveling your club may do. I am sure there are some clubs that traveled to the State Convention with three or more members.
We are still in need of a 2nd Vice District Governor. We need someone to step forward. It is an opportunity to meet the other great Lions from around the State, Multiple District and World. It is also an educational experience you cannot receive elsewhere.
Congratulations to the Groton Lions Club. They were one of thirteen Lions Clubs who won the “Innovative Member Recruiting Contest” for their clever and successful efforts to add or induct new Lions.
Clubs submitted their member recruiting stories to Lions Club International and were judged on the quality, creativity and effectiveness of their invitations to potential members, recruiting campaigns and induction ceremonies.
“Congratulations Groton Lions.”