Past District Governors Association
P.O. Box 33. Newell, SD 57760

The Mission of the South Dakota Past District Governors Association is to assist the District Governors and their cabinets to further the interests of Lionism in South Dakota. The Association hopes the Past District Governors will continue to be involved in the growth and success of the district and clubs of South Dakota.

It is very important for the PDGs to realize that the current governor has been elected by the Lions to run the District. Your role is to offer your experience as a tool the current governor can use to successfully implement the districts program. If asked to serve you should consider it a duty and privilege.

As a PDG you should make every effort to attend district and multiple district conventions and cabinet meetings. You should participate to the extent requested when asked to speak, chair a seminar or workshop, or perform some organizational or administrative function. Upon request you should help educate clubs on district, multiple district and international organizations and operations.

A PDG should be prepared to conduct inductions of new members or installation of club officers. You should serve as a resource to the Governor but, under no circumstances, to interfere with his duly elected obligations.

2018 SD Past District Governors Association